Thursday, May 7, 2015

 Moving Out of Your Rental?

What You Need to Know

 BY Darlene Beeks


The State of Montana requires both tenants and landlords to provide a minimum of a 30 day written notice to vacate the premises. You can always provide more than a 30 day notice, but the minimum 30 day requirement must be met.


After you have moved out and before the landlord’s inspection, you should clean the premises as the condition permits. Use a checklist to ensure you don’t miss anything and be as detailed as possible. The better you clean, the less money will be deducted from your security deposit. Review your move in condition report, any damages not listed on this report may have been caused by you and may be deducted from your security deposit.


At the request of either the tenant or the landlord, the inspection can be performed up to a week prior to the move-out date.

During the inspection, the landlord will compare the current condition of the premises to the condition of the premises stated on the move-in condition report. Once the landlord has performed their inspection, they are required by state law to provide to the tenant, a 24 hour notice of any cleaning items that need to be addressed by the tenant in order to bring the premises back to the condition it was in when they moved in. If the landlord fails to provide this notice they forfeit the right to withhold monies from the security deposit for cleaning purposes.


The landlord has 30 days to provide to the tenant, a list of any deductions to be made from the security deposit, which includes but is not limited to rent, utilities, late fees, cleaning charges, and maintenance repairs, along with the remaining balance, if any, of the security deposit. The landlord will mail this list to the forwarding address provided by the tenant. If the tenant fails to provide the landlord with a forwarding address, the landlord will mail the list to the last known address.

If there are no deductions to be made from the security deposit, the landlord has 10 days to return the security deposit to the tenants by mail to the forwarding address provided or to the last known address.

If you forget to provide your forwarding address, just give your landlord a call and let them know your new address. Your other option is to go to the nearest post office and submit a forwarding address for your mail. The post office will then forward any mail you received at your old address to your new address.