Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Street Cleaning:
By Hunter McClure

Spring is here and that means spring cleaning! You may be wondering why the Missoula streets seemed to be filled with leaves. Well, some streets were not able to be cleaned up
because of the early snow fall this past winter. There will not be a Spring Leaf Pick Up for the streets that were not able to get cleaned before this past winter. Any leaves that fall on resident’s property will be not be swept up and it is the responsibility of the resident to take care of any newly fallen leaves. 

The Street Maintenance Division’s Sweeping Program started up on March 31st and runs through July. Residential streets will be swept twice per year. The program will be cleaning up the streets to make them shine bright after a cold winter. That means there will be certain days when drivers cannot park their car on the street because of the street cleaning. Here is a link to the street cleaning map & parking schedule:

Have a wonderful Spring! 

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