Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adopt a Traffic Circle!

How much do you love your neighborhood traffic circles?  So much that you want to adopt one and take care of if for life?  The Office of Neighborhoods is able to grant $50 grants to some groups interested in maintaining their traffic circle! It’s a great way to enhance Missoula’s urban forest, keep you busy in the summer, and keep your neighborhood looking marvelous. 

Want to get even more into nature in your neighborhood?  Do you know how many trails the University district and surrounding areas have?  Not only do we have the famous “M” trail and the less famous but just as beautiful “L” trail close by, there are many trails in neighboring areas that are within walking distance! If the switchbacks of the “M” are just a bit too much for you, try the Sentinel Fire Road! For more Sentinel trails visit this guide to trails around Missoula.   The Kim Williams trail is a city long trail along the beautiful Clark Fork River.  The trail is well maintained and a popular walking destination for many in Missoula.

The South Hills have a wonderful trail system! You can find all you need to know about the multiple trails here! There are also many trails in the Pattee Canyon area as well as the Rattlesnake recreation area.

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