Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Window into the Leadership Team

Hannah Toliver is a seasoned Neighborhood Ambassador who recently was elected to a position on the University District (UD) University District Neighborhood Council Leadership Team (UDLT). I had a chance to interview Hannah this week to see if she could give us some insight into a student’s role on the UDLT.

  • What are Neighborhood Council meetings?

“The Neighborhood Council is a meeting that anyone within the neighborhood can attend and discuss issues that arise within the neighborhood, improvements to be made to the neighborhood, or general “goings on” of the city/neighborhood.”

  •  What does the Leadership Team do?

“The Leadership Team creates the agenda for the General Neighborhood Council meetings.  We discuss issues that have been brought forth by concerned neighbors.  We appoint committees.  Basically we are the “executive branch” of the neighborhood council.”

  •  What are some current projects and issues in the University District right now?

“Right now in the UD, the UDLT approved the formation of a transportation committee, whose main goal is to discuss and try to find solutions to transportation issues that may arise in the UD.  Right now I believe their main focus is the Mountain Line and ASUM transportation bus routes.”

  •  How long have you been a neighborhood ambassador?

“Since the winter of 2013.”

  •  How is it being the only student on the Leadership Team?

“It is interesting. I didn’t know much about how Missoula’s city council system or neighborhood council system worked before I was elected but I am slowly learning the ropes.  I think I offer a unique perspective to the LT seeing as I am a student as well as a renter.  The other members of the LT are all homeowners, I believe.  It can be a bit overwhelming with the politics of the neighborhood but I take it in stride and try to think of it as a learning experience.”

  •  What are you studying, when do you graduate?

“I am a senior studying Psychology, I graduate in May and plan to continue on to Nursing School.”

  •  Where is your hometown?

“Spokane, Washington.”

  •  What are your plans after graduation?

“I am going to attend WSU for a year to get some more pre-nursing classes under my belt and then apply to Medical School and Nursing School in Washington.”

  •  Are you involved with the campus or community in any other ways?

“I am a member of Alpha Phi International Fraternity for Women and have been since my freshman year.  We do a lot on campus as well as in the Community.”

  •  What are the best and worst parts of living in the University District?

“Best parts are that I am close to campus (only four blocks west), the neighborhood is full of fun and interesting people, comparatively there is a lower crime rate so I feel safe in my apartment, and it is close to everything you need. The worst parts are living across the street from Hellgate High School. There is very limited parking and there are a lot of High School students around my apartment complex. Additionally, at night it can get fairly noisy and sometimes the sidewalks are not cleared of snow, so it can make the four block walk fairly difficult.”

-Elissa White

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