Friday, February 14, 2014

V-day Twist

V-Day Twist 

Valentine's Day. A day where couples feel pressure to find the right gift and be super romantic and single people realize how alone they are in the world.  But where did these customs come from?  

The Romans celebrated Lupercalia from February 13th-15th with wine and a ritual in which men sacrificed a goat or a dog and used the hides to whip the women in their community.  This act was believed to make the women fertile.  The Romans also executed two men both named Valentine on February 14th on different years during the 3rd century.  The Catholic Church then honored their martyrdom as St. Valentine’s Day. 

 In the same time period the Normans celebrated Galatin's Day, Galatin meant "lover of women", and this holiday became confused with the timing of Valentine's Day.               

Chaucer and Shakespeare romanticized the holiday in their works, which helped it gain popularity throughout Britain and Europe.  In the Middle Ages handmade paper cards were handed out as token-du-jour or gifts of the day.

During the industrial revolution in the United States, factory-made cards were ushered into the culture. In 1913, Hallmark began the mass production of Valentines.  Click here to see funny Valentine's Day cards on Pinterest.

Throughout history, people have celebrated love and passion with wine and festive rituals that involved the entire community. This Valentine’s Day instead of giving out superfluous greeting cards that will be chucked out the next day, say hi to your neighbors.

 Do as the Roman’s do: toast to love and passion and living a happy life (probably leave out the whipping with hides)! Don't feel lonely, or pressured to be super romantic. Just have fun with the people that you love and extend that love to others because what goes around comes around!

-Hannah Tolliver

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