Monday, February 3, 2014

Meet Shelby!

Our newest addition to the ambassador team, Shelby will be serving in knocking area #1.

I am Shelby Faber and am originally from Moraga California. I moved up to kalispell when I was a senior in high school and
graduated in Kalispell. I  have lived in Missoula for 3 years now and I believe its one of the best cities around. I am a student, now ending my junior year studying art and business with a minor in art history.

I love the outdoors, mountain biking, running, snowboarding, backpacking, hiking and paddle boarding. Missoula is one of the only towns where outdoor activities are limitless and I try to take full advantage of that. Missoula does not only have a wide variety of recreational activities but a strong hearted community. Missoula always tries to get the community involved from the events at Caras park to the Missoula marathon, to River Root Fest. This city does its best to have not only local families but students to get involved and volunteer their time to keep these fun events going, bringing people together and making it the special place Missoula is!

I am very excited to be the new neighborhood ambassador to area 1 and am looking forward to helping students and home owners solve problems and help maintain a positive community. I also hope to help engage more students in community activities and be available for any student or homeowner who is struggling with neighborhood relationships. 

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