Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Event and Program Update!

By Jessica Wurzel

For those of you in the neighborhood who didn’t get a chance to stop by on Halloween, the Neighborhood Ambassadors set up shop outside Christ the King church on the corner of Keith Ave & Gerald Ave. It was the first year we’ve done a stop for trick or treaters, an idea our October event committee members dreamed up. While we might’ve started a little early, after waiting in anticipation, we got some trick or treaters to check out our tables. The characters that showed up were delightful; we had a great time seeing all the neighborhood kids! Probably some of my personal favorites we encountered were a darling little Tigger, a pair of friends dressed as Calvin and Hobbes, and a tutu-ed blue crayon.

Hopefully they enjoyed the mysterious body parts (spaghetti, peaches, dried apricots,

and oatmeal), the mini pumpkins, and, of course, the candy. We also included a small flyer on tips to safe trick-or-treating, and we hope everyone had a fruitful and safe Halloween experience. It was certainly a chilly evening, and as we transition into November and snow season, we’ll be focusing on household winterization as one of our outreach campaigns. Hopefully you’ve gotten the leaves raked out into the street by now so you don’t have to fight the snow to uncover them!  If you do need help with raking or snow shoveling as the season changes, please let us know! We’ll put your address on our list.

We’re also working to address the parking issue within the university district. The idea right now is to help students become more aware and courteous of the neighborhoods they may park in, and how to alleviate the over-parking or be more conscious about where they park. Our first idea is to leave flyers on cars in the neighborhood that closely resemble parking tickets so they’ll catch people’s eye. You’ll probably see us out and about papering cars, and our November newsletter is also on its way. Thanks for your continued support and we’ll see you knocking!

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