Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good Neighbor Awards

Hello Missoula Neighborhood!

We were discussing our prospective outreach schemes for November at our meeting Wednesday night, and here is the update on what we came up with. I hope that as turkey day approaches, and boxed stuffing and pumpkin pies starts to overcrowd the grocery entryways, you’re making a list of the many things you’re thankful for. And I also hope one of the items on your list is the outstanding community we live in and all of the wonderful neighbors that make up that community.

 We’d like to encourage you to share with us your best interactions with your neighbors: if someone has raked your lawn, scraped the ice off your car, shoveled your walkway, or brought goodies to welcome you. If you email us about your fantastic neighbors at, we’ll enter them and you in a drawing for some fun prizes.  We’ll have the drawing at the end of November and let the lucky winners know the beginning of December. Thanks for helping us celebrate the lovely people of Missoula! 

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