Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 101:

Pumpkin carving is my favorite thing to do for Halloween! I always remember getting so excited to cut out me design and getting more and more creative each year.  The pumpkin patch was always such a fun time to hang out with my family, ride the hayrides, drink hot apple cider and eat pumpkin doughnuts.  Here is a link to a local Pumpkin Patch!! Grab some friends and head out for an afternoon of fall fun!

 Step One:

Bring your pumpkins in from outside so that when you start to hollow them out your hands don’t freeze. 

Step Two:

Cut a jagged hole in the top of your pumpkin at 45-degree angle in so that the top doesn’t fall through the hole. 

Step Three:

Use a large spoon to carve out the guts of the pumpkin and put them in a bowl, try to save the seeds so that you can roast them later.  Make sure you get the inside clean of all the so that he candle will stay lit. 

Step Four:

Your pumpkin will last longer if you soak your pumpkin for a few hours in a solution of 1Tbs bleach to 1 Gal of water.

Step Five: 

Use a dry erase marker to sketch out the design or face that you want to carve out.  Use a sharp serrated knife to begin to cut out he design in a sawing motion. 

If you want the space to be brightly lit then you should cut it out completely.  If you want it to be more dimly lit you can partially carve out the pumpkin so that there is still a thin layer there.  If you want the part of the pattern to be dark do not cut the piece out. 

Step Six:

Light your pumpkin with a votive candle or with an electronic flameless candle to avoid fire hazards. 

Another fun way to decorate pumpkins is to paint them! 

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