Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Have you been "BOOED" yet?

The ASUM Neighborhood Ambassadors are bringing a fun Halloween tradition to the University District neighborhood. Our team of ambassadors has been busy distributing  “boo bags” to area residents. If you are unfamiliar with this Halloween tradition, it is similar to "ding dong ditching" someone, but instead of leaving something unpleasant on their doorstep, you leave a bag full of Halloween treats! We are putting a spin on this idea by giving decorated bags full of candy to area residents and encouraging them to then hand deliver a bag full of treats to their neighbors, and to stop in and say hello to them rather than running away before they answer the door.

Check out our festive boo bags full of Halloween treats!
 If you receive a boo bag from your neighbor or from one of our ambassadors, you have officially been "booed" and are now tasked with booing someone else on your block!

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