Thursday, May 2, 2013

If Only I Had Known Before...

Hi there! My name is Emily Caponi and this was my first and last semester (yes I'm already using part tense!) as a Neighborhood Ambassador as I am graduating in a few short weeks now. I've enjoyed getting to meet my neighbors in Area 1, hearing about their experiences in the University Neighborhood and letting them know about all the exciting initiatives the Ambassadors have had going on.

I just discovered one resource that I'd wish I had been able to share earlier: our campus independent newspaper, the Kaimin, has a fantastic video web series that features student renters giving tours of their homes. It's such a fantastic concept. It satiates a tinge of curiosity, is feel-good as it is humorously based on the MTV series where celebrities welcoming concede invasive cameras, and an excellent way to get an opportunity to know who your neighbors are that you may not have had before.

Check out the link below to the video of a UM Crib that's home to the university's very own celebrities, Zack Brown and Bryn Hagfors. Get more virtual tours by the residents themselves by typing in UM Cribs in the search field on

UM Cribs Episode 5- ASUM Presidential Edition:

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