Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Check out our Missoula Recycling Guide!

Our current outreach campaign focuses on recycling resources in Missoula.  Following are some specifics about recycling pick up services in Missoula:
  • Allied Waste: Purchase blue bags from Allied Waste ($2/bag), fill them up with recyclables (no sorting needed), and put the bags out with your weekly trash pick up.  Allied Waste is located at 3207 West Broadway, or call them at 406-721-1120.
  • Garden City Recycling: $20/month for 2 pick ups.  They accept any donation items (clothes, appliances) and are now taking GLASS!  For more information call 406-493-1582 or visit gardencityrecycling.com .
  • I.E. Recycling: $10/month with weekly pick ups.  The accept plastics #1-#7 and GLASS!  Special item pick ups vary week by week.  For more information call 406-396-5317 or visit ierecycling.net.    
Following are some specifics about Missoula recycling drop off locations:
  • Pacific Recycling: Open Monday-Friday 8:00 am- 5:00 pm.  Items do not need to be sorted.  Located at 2600 Latimer (1 block behind Target).  For more information call 406-543-7280 or visit pacific-steel.com
  • Allied Waste: 24 hour drop off center accepts recyclable materials including plastics #1 and #2.  They do not accept glass.  Located at 3207 West Broadway.  For more information call 406-721-1120.
  • Eko Compost: Accepts organic lawn trimmings, leaves, and urban wood waste.  Located at 1125 Clark Fork Lane.  For more information call 406-721-1423.
Your Neighborhood Ambassador will be visiting you soon with a handy pamphlet with all of this information!  Keep an eye out for them.

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