Monday, October 1, 2012

Have you met your ambassador?

Your Neighborhood Ambassadors (from left to right): Alex Clark, Erin Joronen, Jacob Hellyer, Nathan Klette, Paul Summerlin, and Stephanie Parker (not pictured: Jessica Ferretti)

Neighborhood Ambassadors have started getting out into the University District to meet our neighbors!  If we haven't hit your house yet, don't worry, we will.  We will continue getting out and introducing ourselves over the next couple of weeks.  

In the mean time, get ready for our upcoming newsletter, and Sunday Sweepers!  Sunday Sweepers is an event the Neighborhood Ambassadors are working on organizing.  It will take place Sunday, October 14th, in the University District.  We will be recruiting student groups and students from UM to help clean up trash in the neighborhood after the next home Griz game. 

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